Soul of a Poet

Where is the door open to me for the purpose of allowing the creator to roam free?

Lost in thought and pain and fear, I tremble at the display of words rushing to my pen.

What will they think when they know my heart?

When eyes that were shielded by distance and longing are exposed to the blinding light of unanswered hope.

Where does the strength come from to allow a heart to walk the stage of life?

Broken and bruised shaken and confused the whispers cascade from an unseen collective.

Those who dissolved into the memories of the silent selection of wounded souls who ventured before.

Escaping they wrap themselves in fragments of resolve and deposited the jewels within.

Unpolished and forgotten among the dusty portion of bravado allowing the dance to commence only in the darkness of solitude.

Who can conquer the distraction of memories strolling by without introduction?

I’ll wave them on and hum a lost tune, the words are forgotten, and the emotions removed.

Donning the extinguished flame of remorse, I cradle a fledgling novice as the crowd murmurs unresolved acceptance.

Echoes of exaltation align with inspiration; a breath caught in time escapes into the atmosphere and releases the fragrance of innovation.

Emotions swell and crest like a wave on the shore of revelation and the torrent of rumblings mark a freshness of unbridled release.

The orchestra of prose and promise tickles and encourages a ravished respite to welcome the proffering proponents.

An internal acceptance is acknowledged; with a wink of approved verses rush forward all bidding for attention.

The door inches open to the collective impulse of creativity and harnesses the essence of splendor that invades.

The struggle to place emotion and words meld into an abandonment that allows the fears of failure to strain into a resolve of unflinching endurance.

Courage strides to an unheard melody and the chorus repeats to the rhythm of life that births the soul of a Poet.